Heavy Capacity Test Weights

Heavy Capacity Test Weights


Product details:

Application / Industry Industrial
Location Delhi
Standard Certification Required Yes
Testing Type Manual
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number

Product description:

For our weights, we source only the finest quality steel which offers the highest resistance to corrosion over the course of a weight’s lifetime. Our unique manufacturing process involves melting the steel under vacuum, polishing it using traditional mechanical methods, performing an electrolytic final-stage polishing, cleaning it in a fully automated process and the calibrating it using state-of-the-art mass comparators. This process has been perfected over years of experience to bring you accurate weights of the highest quality with a stability that remains unmatched in the market.

  • Capacity – 500 Kg. 1000 Kg.
  • Certified by weights & measures dept.
  • Used for calibration of weigh-bridge.

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